Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's Oblique Strategy

I was introduced to Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategiesat the beginning of my MA last year in a workshop with FrenchMottershead.I was Already a fan of Eno's music, but hadn't come across these cards before. My pals at Medialab Prado showed me that you can get them as a widget for the macintosh dashboard! So now I start most days with an Oblique Strategy.

I'm going to post them here...frequently, and would love to hear what they're inspired in thoughts, actions, daydreams, visions, etc. for you. It's just fine if the reaction isn't immediate. I'm a strong believer in the power of suggestion to have an echoing/ripple effect for days, months, years to come. So share whenever seems appropriate.

Here is today's strategy:

simple subtraction

My first, uncreative take on this is related to a little blizzard of application activity that has come my way:

1) 500 word abstract for a round table that I would like to run at next year's International Symposium on Electronic Art. I'd like to run a round table to discuss how electronic artists can use - and are using - our position as non-traditional performers to question and redefine our relationship with our audiences. I've taken a pretty radical position on this topic which I think would be a useful bookend for a discussion of the spectrum of possibilities open to artists.

The obvious application of the oblique strategy? I have loads of thoughts and some writing related to this, so it's just a matter of pulling out the most relevant parts and creating a clear abstract.

2) Call for work for Trampoline's Radiator Festival in January. Would love to do a site-specific iteration of opticnoodling there and the timing is perfect. This would be a great opportunity to revisit the setup I created for my MA and see what it's like to use it in a space that isn't dedicated to art.

The obvious application of the oblique strategy? Is twofold: I decided that I was going to pitch my opticnoodling performance as is. I have so many ideas for ways in which I would like to evolve it and other performances I would like to try to do. However, reading the call for work, I think opticnoodling in its current incarnation would be a lovely addition to the festival. I also need to edit the footage from the last performances into a show reel! What is editing if not subtraction?

3) Application for a job in Portland that has nothing to do with my art practice, so I won't go into details here. The ways in which it is related is that it would set me up with a solid position before relocation, which would calm my nerves about this big move before it happens.

The oblique strategy? It is again just a matter of some slight repositionings and elegant editing of words, imagery, etc.

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